elles / ils

Conversation Piece, 2006, Etching w/chine colle, 5.5″ x 4.5″ by Ben Beres

It goes something like this: Sharon Arnold curates an all women show called Elles, exploring the female perspective in art- It was a big success. She then curates a second show, inviting only men to exhibit, called Ils Disent (masculine form meaning “they say”) – welcoming the male view of women in art. Artist, Ben Beres creates an etching of a grid of cartoon breasts each with a name under it of various female artists in the area, some of which he knows and others that he googled. It creates a stir, and the print gets taken down out of the show, due to censorship issues. This has been an interesting story to follow and watch unfold. Bravo for bringing print and feminist discourse into the spotlight.

Mamelles (detail), etching w/chin colle, 9"x12" by Ben Beres
Mamelles (detail), etching w/chine colle, 9″x12″ by Ben Beres

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