mnemonic vistas

Ecueil, 2012, 150x200cm, oil, acrylic and silkscreen on canvas by Eva Neilsen
Ecueil, 150x200cm, oil, acrylic, silkscreen on canvas by Eva Neilsen

As I was skimming Art Press Magazine, I was instantly captivated by the works of Eva Neilsen, a Paris-based artist, combining silkscreen and painting. Neilsen constructs layered images which invoke memories, play on the passage of time and existence. Desolate expanses disclose transient residues of human activity. Subtle washes of color create a shadowy sense of space.  Graphic elements of unique silkscreen prints in contrasting black and white tones compose a psychological topography. These places and structures are strangely familiar, yet peculiar.  Je suis profondément ému….

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