Untitled, Found paper, soot, string, 4.7 x 7 in, by James Castle

On the daily commute, I saw lots of people with ash crosses on their foreheads for Ash Wednesday. It got me thinking about James Castle, a deaf, illiterate, self-taught artist who barely ever left his home. His communication skills were limited and few in his family could understand him. His assemblages, drawings and book pieces describe his perception of the world around him. He mixed stove soot with spit on the ends of sharpened sticks to draw. There is something about the unprocessed passion delivered in the works of James Castle which remind us about the nature of art making.  <<James Castle exhibition in Paris with Marcel Storr>>

UNTITLED (Large newspaper book of drawings), post-1932 Drawn in soot and spit on found paper bound by the artist with found string 20 1/2 hand-drawn pages 17 x 11.5 inches, by James Castle

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artist and curator

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