“necessary city”

Bazooka Hulk, 2011, Etching
7 x 7 in. by Tony Fitzpatrick

Went down to New Orleans to attend the SGC International Print Conference. What a tremendous turnout! Extraordinary works on display and an assortment of visionary artists to engage with; all with contagious energy for print! The city of New Orleans itself, is a wonder, dotted with colorful characters, and together, they propel a magical scene which values and perpetuates the arts; be it jazz, poetry, visual arts, food and the like. One evening during an art crawl, I discovered the prints of Tony Fitzpatrick at Jonathan Ferrara Gallery. His pieces are tiny nuggets of goodness, which demand your attention and then quickly suck you into his twisted hilarious world. His style reminds me of high school doodles – a medley of teenage angst, silliness and imagination. Using the old four color pen, remember that?

Published by jaz graf

artist and curator

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