warm orange glow

Exhibit @ the St. Joseph County Public Library. South Bend, IN

Northern Indiana may be covered in 2 feet of snow right now, but there are still warm cozy niches to escape to, like this one @the St. Joseph County Library! Check out the 3rd floor and have a look at my copperplate photogravures of Thailand! Most photogravures these days are made from polymer plates, but mine have painstakingly and lovingly been etched into copper plates using 7 baumes of ferric chloride! Long live tradition!

This series traces my passage through areas of Thailand exploring my ancestral roots. At this confluence of land, history and culture, the act of meditation and the practice of local customs were instrumental in the understanding of my own identity. These sites retain the residue of years gone by intermixed with their contemporary expressions, evidenced somewhere between a farmer’s burnt field and a media corner in a monk’s cave. I consider aspects of the landscape as offerings of my past, elaborating on my sense of place in it all.

Jaz Graf

Offerings, Thailand Series, 2015

Copperplate photogravure with etching and spit bite

Artist Proofs, each 11” x 14” 

Published by jaz graf

artist and curator

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