Obscura Day is March 20th 2010

Obscura Day is an international celebration of curious places and happenings around the world occuring on March 20, 2010. Check out ObscuraDay.com for more info and find something freaky in a city near you! My favorites are the Mutter Museum, in Philly and the Geoglyphs to Nowhere in California City.  Images of the Geoglyphs will be online  – so I will be sure to check that out, since I live across the country!…and the Mutter Museum is a must! Last exhibit I saw there was about Conjoined Twins 😉 They have a plethora of fascinating medical oddities including double headed babies in jars, smoked shrunken heads and an enlarged body which decomposed into soap.

Conjoined Twins Skeleton @ Mutter Museum, PA
View of prison - California City

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artist and curator

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