Art Benefit!

Join us Saturday, April 9th for GAME SHOW FEVER!!! A fundraiser for Art House Productions and Pop-UP Art in Jersey City, NJ. Lots of fun, games and wacky outfits! General Audience tickets are $10, or be a contestant for $25 and play to win some fabulous prizes donated by local businesses! I will be one of the lovely sequined hostesses! So come on down!

Location: 1 McWilliams Place, Jersey City

Live Show Taping at 8pm sharp

a holes i heart

A typographic experiment of the A-Holes.
by Alberto Garcia.
❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

Limited Edition of 50
Signed & Numbered
11×24 in

❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉ ❉

Screen printed on French Durotone Butcher Extra Blue paper.

Buy a limited edition print on Etsy!

Also, check out this site where artists and designers swap pieces! A beautiful and witty array of prints.

print exchange / call for entries

Three, monoprint by Linda Lyons

RSVP for this print exchange! Oregon Ink Spot’s annual print exchange is coming up! Send in an edition of 15 hand-pulled prints, each 5″x7″ and you will receive 13 prints from various artists. Deadline is May 6th 2011.
View prospectus.

Call for entries at Washington Printmakers Gallery
National Small Works Exhibition. Submissions must be no larger than 170 square inches (HxW). Early bird deadline April 15th 2011.

curatorial project

Today was the de-installation of Greg Letson’s work at Windows on Columbus. This marks the end of my one year term as guest curator of this venue.  I organized 4 large-scale solo shows of local artists work, planned 3 opening receptions and was featured in an article in the Jersey Journal. Its been an honor and a pleasure working with artists Megan Klim, Laurie Riccadonna, Daniel Brusky and Greg Letson.

endangered print



An interesting collaborative project  – 365 days of print – invites 10 artists each month to utilize the daily newspaper as a source for art-making. I will be participating for the month of March and will post updates regularly to their blog. Check it out to see all the interesting work or to get involved!

International Exchange Exhibition

Check out all the works from the 2010 exchange! The Project Space Exhibition got enormous praise and the reception was well attended. For those of you who participated in the exchange, thanks for all of your amazing work and contributions to this project. Thanks to ProArts for partial funding of this project.

Print Installation

The opening reception for Eviscera was great! Despite the bad weather it was a good turnout of people. I even sold my book, Blub Blub Blub! Here is a pic of my installation from the Eviscera series.

EVISCERA, 2010-11
Paper lithography on muslin with mixed media
Dimensions variable

Origin: c.1600, from Latin verb ēviscerāre,–e (ex) “out”+viscera “internal organs.”
Sometimes used 17 century in figurative sense “to bring out the deepest secrets of.”

I learned of the term evisceration when I studied to become an EMT. My textbook had an illustration of guts pouring out of a man’s body. The concept resonated with me and developed into a volume of artists books.

I have a collection of sketchbooks, journals and diaries in which I recorded and stored specific bits of my history. In ways, these books, have performed like organs: a digest(ive) system selectively absorbing and expelling elements of substance, assisting the integration processes of overall functioning.

In this series, extracted text was transcribed and reprinted onto muslin, which was then deconstructed and reconstructed to form a re-bound book.


Come and join me for an exhibit of recent print work at the
Manhattan Graphics Center (481 Washington St btw Spring+Canal) NYC.
Sat, FEBRUARY 5th 2011 from 6-8pm

On view through February.

Eviscera Series (detail), 2010, paper lithography on muslin

Also on view in the Project Space: International Print + Stencil Exchange Exhibition featuring over 30 artists work. In 2008 and 2010 I organized an exchange in which artists sent in editions of their work then received a portfolio sampling of a dozen artists works. On exhibit is a selection of these works and the hand-made portfolios.


Eileen Ferara, Rebecca Sullivan and I have been working on a mural for the Greenville Fire Department’s Kitchen table. The table is a reclaimed bowling alley from recently demolished Roosevelt Lanes in Jersey City. On the table, we incorporated imagery requested by the firefighters. Our mural is nearly finished! We are putting on some finishing touches and now testing various sealants. This table will reside at the Greenville Fire House on Bergen Ave in Jersey City. The table’s legs will be made from old fire hydrants!

We raised over $1,000 with our fundraising campaign on Kickstarter to support the project. Have a look!
Here is the link: (turn up the volume on your computer)

Language(s) – Works of Greg Letson

Another one of my curatorial projects at Windows on Columbus – 135 Greene St, downtown Jersey City, NJ

Greg Letson – Language(s): selected paintings from 2003-2010

Large scale mixed media oil paintings on view Nov 20th thru March 7th 2011. Opening Reception Friday, Dec 3rd from 6-8pm (part of JC Fridays) The work is a playful poke to the noggin. Come and see for yourself! Chat with Greg and ask him to tell you stories about playing with Sonic Youth.

Honcho (Kane), 60"x60", oil, vanity lights on canvas

Exhibit @ the National Arts Club, NYC

A new print of mine will be included in a group show at the National Arts Club as part of the New York Society of Etchers 10th Anniversary Exhibition.

Opening reception: Tuesday, November 9th from 6-8pm

Location: The Nat’l Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South (20th st btw Park Ave So. & Irving Place) NYC


Biosphere (detail), 2010, copperplate etching and paper litho on BFK


xoxoxo Ester Partegàs

Organized Fries by Ester Partegàs, inkjet ultrachrome print

WHY do i love this print? oh yeah, cuz its Organized Fries! Diggin the recent work of Ester Partegas…check out this installation at C.Grimes Gallery in NYC. She made this wallpaper for the starchy white gallery and hung inkjets of torn paper collages.

part of Ester's installation @ C. Grimes, NYC

Upcoming exhibit & auction

My work was selected to be included in a group show at the Printmaking Center of New Jersey.

A Reverence for Water

October 23-December 5, 2010

Reception: Oct 23rd from 1-4pm

Live Auction: Dec 5th from 4-7pm   (auction benefits ANJEC, Association of NJ Environmental Commissions)

Location: Printmaking Center of NJ, 440 River Road, Branchburg, NJ 08876   phone (908)725-2110

Light Spaces – Opening Reception

Show #3 of 4 in my curatorial project at Windows on Columbus. Featuring the oil paintings and drawings of Daniel Brusky.
On view until Nov 18th 2010
Opening Reception – Friday, Sept 10th from 6-8pm
Location: 135 Greene St. @ C. Columbus Dr, Jersey City, NJ

*This exhibit and my profile was featured in the Jersey Journal!*

Thru the eyes of Aldwyth

Casablanca (classic version-detail), 78.5"x71" collage by Aldwyth

Artist Aldwyth creates highly detailed, large-scale collage works which are conglomerates of art history, encyclopedia and magazine images. Basically anything she can get her hands on, she will glue some eyes on!!! A feast for the eye, really. Visually stunning.

Laurie Riccadonna – In Bloom

Laurie Riccadonna, Garden Vases, Oil on Canvas, 72"x72"

I curated this exhibition of Laurie Riccadonna’s work. An exhibition of Riccadonna’s oil paintings will be on display 24 hours a day at Windows on Columbus and Mack-Cali lobby from May 12-August 20th 2010. Opening reception on June 4th from 6-8pm (Part of JC Fridays). Free and open to the public. Barrier-free.

Mack-Cali lobby is located at 135 Greene St in downtown Jersey City, NJ. Windows on Columbus is located between Washington and Greene St.

big happiness

i was tickled pink when i stumbled on this great outdoor art installation/sculpture while web surfing. it was created by a group called gelitin, which is comprised of 4 artists. the artists spent 5 years knitting a giant pink rabbit which resides in a small town near the italian alps. the rabbit was created a few years ago but will be there until 2025 for people to climb on it!!! what else can i say, i feel mushy inside 🙂

fresh takes on print at philagrafika

i went to philly to check out philagrafika – an exposition of all things print. was really impressed to see such new techniques and innovations in the printmaking arena. i saw silkscreens as 3-d objects, color prints on ceramic sculpture, giant print installations, print incorporated with video…i felt really inspired by artist oscar munoz and his innovative techniques – his self portrait was silkscreened with graphite powder into a tray of water – leaving his image to settle at the bottom. blows my mind! beautiful and wonderful!

work of oscar munoz

Obscura Day is March 20th 2010

Obscura Day is an international celebration of curious places and happenings around the world occuring on March 20, 2010. Check out for more info and find something freaky in a city near you! My favorites are the Mutter Museum, in Philly and the Geoglyphs to Nowhere in California City.  Images of the Geoglyphs will be online  – so I will be sure to check that out, since I live across the country!…and the Mutter Museum is a must! Last exhibit I saw there was about Conjoined Twins 😉 They have a plethora of fascinating medical oddities including double headed babies in jars, smoked shrunken heads and an enlarged body which decomposed into soap.

Conjoined Twins Skeleton @ Mutter Museum, PA
View of prison - California City

“This narrative continues to inform and confuse the practice.”

gathering under a fur blanket by mikolaj smolinski etching, chine colle 2010

A quote from Mikolaj Smolinski describing themes in his artistic practice and work. Originally from Poland and now living in British Columbia – his work has the perfect balance of intellect and oddity! He participated in my 2008 print/stencil exchange and I hope he will do it again this year! Smolinski’s etchings are whimsical and conscientious. He’s got a bunch of great new prints on his blog and now getting back to some 3-D works.

Multiform – Works of Megan Klim

I curated an exhibition of Meg Klim’s work at Mack Cali and Windows on Columbus in Jersey City. Exhibition will be on view February 12 thru May 7th, 2010. Klim works with a visceral array of media which often include wax, shellac, thread, glass, paper, wire and wood. I am drawn to her aesthetic and have a deep appreciation of her process. View a web gallery of the work in the show.

take a picture feb 5th @ 11:11pm (eastern standard time)

The Art House Coop wants your photo for their new Brooklyn Art Library. Everyone from all over the world is welcome to participate and will take a pic of the same moment. Print it out, send it in and it will be exhibited in the grand opening of Art House in NYC.
Check this link for details!

handmade gifts for the little ones

so my nephew is big into science and nature so i made him a book to jot down his microscopic findings and inventions. the best gift i got as a kid was a microscope and i loved eyeballing weird things – the covers of this book are a compilation of all things scientific made by litho transfers. will be spiral bound at the top, so the book lays flat, leaving plenty of table-top space to conduct experimentations. inside pages have bubbles to draw microscopic findings- very professional – i looked up the proper format, eh hem. lots of space for notes and genius scribbles.

printing at the CCP

7am outside the print cottage

last weekend i went to the Center for Contemporary Printmaking in Norwalk, CT. they have an amazing print facility and great staff. I worked as a print assistant for master printer, DAPHNE BRUCCULERI, as part of the CCP’s annual MONOTHON. it was a quite a learning experience. lots to mull over…

Upcoming Print Auction

So the Manhattan Graphics Center, a print shop I’m a member of, is on the hunt for a new space. To raise some funds for our new print facility we are having a print auction hosted by Bloomsbury Auction House in NYC. Over 400 prints will be for sale by more than 150 well known+emerging artists. Click to view the catalogue.

The auction will take place on Tuesday, November 3rd from 6-9pm.
Preview Day / Lecture / Demonstration: Nov 2nd, 6-9pm

Location: 6 West 48th St btw 5th & 6th, NYC

Part of New York Fine Art Print Week. View events.

Victoria Burge, Constellation D, Etching and drypoint on drilled copper, 2009
Victoria Burge, Constellation D, Etching and drypoint on drilled copper, 2009

time in between

somewhere between point A and point B (which does take up a good percentage of everyday) i noticed some of my “life-cycles.” it would be safe to say that, my working pattern goes from: part-time to full time. every couple of years or so, i have the need to switch. it could be because i need health benefits, or the fact that my full time job has me punching walls in the stairwell. either way, thats my pattern. parallel to this is my artistic habit… my tendency to make art in attempt to sell, and then the making of art, well, for the making of art. and more so, the making of art as life as art, not to make art as art. the idea of making art because it looks like art or seems like art is absurd. the relationship between life and art is strongest. there is time in between. there is “negative space” worth noting in the time in between…

Jersey City Artists Studio Tour

the annual studio tour is this weekend – kick off party @ GCVV October 2nd – 6-10pm and the tour continues thru Saturday & Sunday. I’ve got a few new prints in a couple of shows…and i’m very excited to see that a picture of my book was featured in the newspaper!

Specimen 090924, 2009, etching, edition of 10, 15"x11"
Specimen 090924, 2009, etching, edition of 10, 15"x11"

playing exquisite corpse

The “Exquisite Corpse” game was played by the surrealists in the early 1900’s as a means of playing with form and concept. You start by drawing a “head” and then folding over the drawing and passing onto another player, who will continue to draw the “body” without looking at the head. It is then passed onto another player who will draw the “feet” or base of the corpse. Similar versions of this were played by the surrealists. I have recently participated in the exquisite corpse game with 90 NJ artists. Any 2-D medium was accepted and the game will result in 30 complete corpses on exhibition at the Paul Robeson Galleries in Newark, NJ for its 30th anniversary. Opening reception is November 19th from 5-7pm, but the show will be up until the spring (April 8th 2010)! This is a fun game and I recommend every artist to try it.

works by Jerry GANT, Jordan EAGLES, Bonnie GLORIS