Artist-made paper by Jaz Graf. Materials: Abaca, Thai silk, wood, hair, pigment, 2023.

New works in progress! I’ve been hard at work during my fellowship at Dieu Donne. I feel incredibly lucky to have access to a high end papermaking facility and to be working alongside master papermakers and guest artists!

In this exploration, I continue to use the language/structure of the multi-tiered, elongated palm leaf manuscript. Here, I am experimenting with handmade paper veils, blowouts, embedding and pigmenting to enunciate a familial tale. I was able to make 16 leaves with iron oxide pigmented base sheets with limey-lizard green silk strip inclusions and burnt umber bleeds. The silk fabric belonged to my mother who meant to have it made into a dress, but it never materialized. In it’s new life, I hope, it will become fashionably wall-hung, outfitted with accessories and attitude!

It’s been so fun to work in new ways. Let’s see where this series will go next…

Published by jaz graf

artist and curator

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