bookwork by artist Jaz Graf

Title: Embankment/Embodiment

Medium: Jersey City Embankment soil, organic seed starting mix, ceramic, and wood

Year: 2022

Dimensions Variable: 84” x 12” x 10”

As we move about our city, it hovers above our street view, fenced off from the public. The human eye cannot see the Embankment in its entirety. Its presence speaks of earth and stone. It is a build up and an eroding of what was; suspended remnants of an industrial past. 

After seeing the aerial footage of the Embankment through Jersey City, I wanted to explore this vantage point in book form. Imagining the site as a possible connective thread of the greater East Coast Greenway, the bookwork can be read as an open passage, part of a larger whole. The ceramic pages are both fragile and stoic, written by the elements. Along this passage the earth settles in coordination with our movement. Our transits shape the story of our Embankment.

This artwork is part of a group exhibition to advocate for the preservation of the Embankment (an elevated, now-defunct rail trail). We hope that this site can become a publicly accessible green space as a part of the East Coast Greenway – connecting Maine to Florida.

Published by jaz graf

artist and curator

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