Print Installation

The opening reception for Eviscera was great! Despite the bad weather it was a good turnout of people. I even sold my book, Blub Blub Blub! Here is a pic of my installation from the Eviscera series.

EVISCERA, 2010-11
Paper lithography on muslin with mixed media
Dimensions variable

Origin: c.1600, from Latin verb ēviscerāre,–e (ex) “out”+viscera “internal organs.”
Sometimes used 17 century in figurative sense “to bring out the deepest secrets of.”

I learned of the term evisceration when I studied to become an EMT. My textbook had an illustration of guts pouring out of a man’s body. The concept resonated with me and developed into a volume of artists books.

I have a collection of sketchbooks, journals and diaries in which I recorded and stored specific bits of my history. In ways, these books, have performed like organs: a digest(ive) system selectively absorbing and expelling elements of substance, assisting the integration processes of overall functioning.

In this series, extracted text was transcribed and reprinted onto muslin, which was then deconstructed and reconstructed to form a re-bound book.

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artist and curator

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