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Last summer there was a call for art on on Priority Mail Stickers (label#228). I sent in some stencil pieces and they were selected to be published in “Label 228 – A Street Art Project.” The book is available for purchase on Amazon.



copper specimen


Worked on this copper plate etching for a print exchange held by Art House Co-op in Georgia. In the next few weeks I will be receiving a portfolio of 20 different prints from various artists. Can’t wait!

I was inspired to go shooting for stencil material in my neighborhood. These are a few of the nooks and crannys of Jersey City, NJ. Metal and urban ingredients with traces of natures elements.

So last week I visited some family up in Wisconsin. A much needed getaway from city life. We drove up there, which was well, LONG, but…there was a meteor shower on the way over and the pitch black sky with bright meteors shooting across it was an awesome site. While I was there, I did […]

Making books…


Recently been working on book projects. This is the latest: